Dr. Shiv O. Prasher 
Professor, Department of Bioresource Engineering, McGill University


Dr. Shiv O. Prasher is a professor in the Department of Bioresource Engineering on the Macdonald Campus of McGill University. He has been a member of the McGill teaching staff since 1983. Dr. Prasher teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses and carries out research and extension in the area of soil and water engineering. He has published 242 research papers in refereed journals and over 60 papers in refereed conference proceedings. In addition, he has presented over 160 technical full-length papers at various scientific and technical conferences around the world. Dr. Prasher has been a member of the Canadian Society for Bioengineering (CSBE) and the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) since 1978. He was the President of CSBE in 2010-2011 and, in that capacity, also served on the ASABE Board of Governors. He is an elected Fellow of CSBE and the Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers (ISAE).

Mr. Eduardo Ganem Cuenca 
Director, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program, McGill University

Mr. Eduardo Ganem is the director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program at McGill University. Eduardo began working at McGill during his undergraduate studies, and continued working while completing his graduate degree in Integrated Water Resources Management. The mix of academic and work experience led him down an entrepreneurial path, building outreach programs for the Faculty while also working on research grants centered around water resource management. In 2015, he was appointed to develop and grow the Faculty’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program. Mr. Ganem will be speaking on the topic of Sustainable Solid Waste Management: Thinking as an entrepreneur

Dr. Kebba Sabally
Founder and CEO of Kebs technologies

Dr. Kebba Sabally is the founder and CEO of Kebs Technologies. She will be speaking at the workshop on the topic of Sustainable Solid Waste Management and how to think outside the box.

Mr. Daniel Chinagozi
Founder and CEO, PalmNet Waste Management and Environmental Services

Daniel Chinagozi is an enterprise development consultant, career, business and life coach. He is the founder and CEO of PalmNet Waste Management and Environmental Services, an Enterprise development and consulting firm that provides Startup and incubation support services to businesses across Africa. Daniel will be talking about Sustainable Solid Waste Management: overcoming the great giant

Ms. Metalie Makhani
CTO and co-Founder Groundit

Mitalie Makhani is the Chief Technology Officer and co-Founder of Groundit. Ms. Makhani will be speaking at the workshop on the topic of Sustainable Solid Waste Management: Starting Small.

Mr. Christopher Nzediegwu
PhD candidate at McGill University and SEC Member at IC-IMPACTS

Christopher Nzediegwu is a PhD candidate working with Prof. Shiv Prasher at McGill University. Christopher is interested in understanding the fate and transport of organic and inorganic contaminants that find their way to soil and water substrate through agricultural practices such as wastewater irrigation, use of biosolids, use of manures, etc. Christopher is also interested in proffering biological solutions to help reduce the uptake of these contaminants by plants. Specifically, hormones, antibiotics and heavy metals that are endocrine disrupting and pose serious health challenges are of paramount important to him.

Mr. Stephen McLeod
Founder & Director General, Compost Montréal

Mr. Stephen McLeod is the Founder and director general at Compost Montréal and he will be speaking on the topic of sustainable solid waste management: social and environmental benefits.

Dr. Mark Lefsrud
Professor, Bioresource Engineering Department, McGill University

Dr. Lefsrud is an Associate Professor at McGill University and leads the Biomass Production Laboratory.  His upbringing on a farm and work in the oil fields of Alberta, Canada combined with his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Agricultural and Bioresource Engineering and a Ph.D. in Plant Physiology gives him a very strong background in the fields of agriculture, biology, and engineering.  His research program deals with the development of bioprocesses and improvements in plant growth environmental energy usage.

Committee Members

Harmanjot Kaur is from India. She has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering from Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana, India. She is currently enrolled in Master’s (Thesis) program at McGill University in Department of Bioresource Engineering under supervision of Dr. Shiv Prasher. She is working on “Impact of potatoes, irrigated with wastewater, on gut microbiota and bio-accessibility of heavy metals and hormones using in vitro gastrointestinal batch fermentation”. She is Lilliane and David M. Stewart scholar awarded with Master’s Fellowship in water resources (2016) by Macdonald Stewart Foundation.

Harmanjot Khaira
Secretary & Welfare Coordinator 
Bioresource Engineering
McGill University

Blessing A. Nzediegwu was born in Nigeria. She studied biology/chemistry at College of Education Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria. Currently, she is studying information and library technologies at John Abbott College, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She is specialized in database searches, information and records management, and cataloguing. Blessing is interested in administration. She was the general secretary of Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Student (NIFES), College of Education Agbor, 2012. Presently, she is the general secretary of Restoration House Montreal. She is an active member of L’Association des Bibliothécaires du Québec (ABQLA); she is also a member of Association Professionnelle des Techniciennes et Techniciens en Documentation du Québec (APTDQ). She enjoys singing and reading fiction books. She is happily married to Christopher Nzediegwu.

Blessing A. Nzediegwu
Welfare Coordinator
Information & library technologies
John Abbott College

Sadananda Sharma is originally from India and currently enrolled in the Ph.D. program in Bioresource Engineering at McGill University, Canada. He got his B.Tech degree in Agricultural Engineering from CAEPHT, Sikkim, India and M.Tech. degree in Land and Water Resources Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India. He is interested in watershed and hydrological modelling. His recent research work includes generation of various scenarios for different Best Management Practices (BMPs) using SWAT model for sediment and nutrient management in agricultural fields.  His recent activities include many hours of volunteering in a senior home. He is optimistic about implementing his research in the real world. He also likes to sing, play piano, and take part in sport activities during leisure time.

Sadananda Sharma
Indian Relations Manager
Department of Bioresource Engineering
McGill University

Jaskaran Dhiman is a PhD Candidate at McGill University’s Department of Bioresource Engineering under the supervision of Dr. Shiv O. Prasher. He is originally from India. He completed his Master’s degree in Biosystems (Agricultural) Engineering from Auburn University, AL, USA. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering from Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), India. He also served as ‘Senior Research and Development Engineer’ in a German combine harvester manufacturer company, CLAAS. He has been associated with IC-IMPACTS as a HQP member since September 2014. He is currently working on use of superabsorbent polymers and biochar to promote safe use of wastewater in agriculture. Through his research, he has been working for betterment of farmers in rural areas of Northern India in the past

Jaskaran Dhiman
Logistics Manager 
Department of Bioresource Engineering
McGill University